Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes

Key Features  

  • Manage menus and pricing  - create unlimited menus, package offers or sets. Allocate and control availability via your dashboard
  • Contactless Mobile Order & Pay customers can place orders and pay from their phone via the App or website while they are on your premises, using the "Bring to table service" or from home – all prepaid. "Order collection" or "Delivery to an address" options are also available
  • Safer and faster order experience - no more waiting for the bill, allow your guests to conveniently Order & Pay at their table. The bill is sent to the App digital wallet and via email
  • Admin App with QR code scanner & order management  - all orders are received via a push notification to the admin App and via email. You can allocate roles to different staff members to process orders, keeping you in control. Real time communication between staff and customers ensure seamless service. All bills are stored in the client’s virtual wallet and sent via email
  • Inventory management – manage inventory at product level so you can always provide accurate information to customers and maintain the right amount of stock. Never allow customers to order a product that you can't serve
  • Customer insights – manage customer data, create groups based on preferences and buying habits
  • Marketing module – send location-based offers to customers who are near you or promotions or discount vouchers with photo messaging and unlimited push notifications. Alert them to your new menus or specials.
  • Loyalty program – reward your clients with points for each purchase and keep them coming back
  • Linkcorp business App – manage everything right from your phone - content, inventory, orders, marketing, sales, prices etc.
  • Download on any device - display a QR code in your venue to prompt customers to download your App
  • Get connected to everyone on your High Street – link your App and website to every other business on your High Street and earn cross-sale commissions

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